Olga's DNA

‘Being an artist was a choice I made,  a decision to step out of the system created by humans and to connect with the only real system out there, nature, to then become a medium between those two, for those who are still asleep.

Movement and creating with the moving human bodies, whether for a stage, street or a camera,  has become my favourite and the most effective way to connect with the world, myself, to investigate philosophical questions, human emotions and our complicated psyche and to then communicate the results with the audience.'

From Odna's artist statement. 


Odna is a multidisciplinary performance artist and an energy healer born and raised in Poland, who currently resides in NYC. Dance has always been her naturally favorite form of expression and communication with people, animals and world in general. Backing it up with a professional training as well as hundreds of hours of self movement explorations in nature allowed Odna to turn her body into an artistic vessel, a paint brush with which she has started to create moving paintings on film and stage.  Her training however went beyond a body resulting in a birth of her own movement method S.E.M.  As a former law student in Poland she has involved herself in defending social justice and environmental issues becoming an advocate of nature and humanity through art. Collaborations with some of New York’s finest multidisciplinary creatives, her cinematic passion and production skills also have had an impact on the constantly evolving direction/ choreography / installation creative process of Odna.